SCIFI Humor – Who Wants Free Books!

As a big fan of humorous science fiction myself, let me recommend this Bookfunnel promotion to you. More than 15 science fiction books, some shorts, some full-size, and all you have to do is sign up to a list to get them. Did I mention these books were free? The only problem is, I’m a bit late getting this out. The promotion ends July 31st. Click here to get your free books

Secrets of the Black Blade: Now Available

Don’t Leave Home Without It!

A quick thank you to all my beta readers. Thanks to you, the new version of Secrets of the Black Blade just hit the amazon shelves. With a brand new cover and textual changes throughout, the book is a huge improvement on the original and should now prove to be a fitting prequel to the whole ‘Black Blade’ series. Look for the brand new paperback version within the next two weeks.

Vittoria Tarno

Vittoria Tarno is GoofĂ© Troupè’s star driver and in her own words “a huge famous champion“, but when her bad behaviour gets the whole team suspended she’s forced into a dangerous race on an unfamiliar world, challenging everything she knows.