Start Your Engines

Book Cover: Pace Laps
Part of the Formula Q series:
  • Pace Laps
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Pages: 54

Start Your Engines

In a colorful, optimistic future HYPER Q has made every other competitive racing sport redundant.

Any driver or mechanic with talent can apply for a sports grant and compete at many different levels and reach the ultimate prize: Big Famous Champion in Formula Q, Earth’s fastest, most prestigious racing league.

Davide D’Arby III is already one of the elite, but in order to reach the top(and beat one particular rival) he knows he needs something more, he just doesn’t know what. Will he recognize it when he sees it?

Not everyone wants to become a driver, in some ways those who design the hyper fast jet cars of formula Q are even more rare. Kosuke thinks he could make it as a mechanic but his family don’t agree. Can he prove them wrong? He has more problems than most. He’s a dog.

On remote, forbidding Mars, jetcar racing is an obsession mega-billionaire Cruise Control plans to use to his advantage. With his firm, but eccentric belief that Tom Cruise starred in both Speed and Speed2 he has built his own cult from nothing and now he stands to win the ultimate prize.

Pace Laps is a collection of three very different YA/Science Fiction stories set in the Formula Q Universe.

Note: This collection stands on its own but why not read Formula Q a full length novel featuring all the characters.

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