The World of Hero High


Hero High: Figure In The Flames

A superhero mystery

In a world where romance and rescue are all too often scripted, Friday Fitzsimmons is torn between her duty as a superhero in training and her feelings for a villain. When Captain Fantastic, her mentor, is attacked, Friday decides to go to war, and despite her inexperience she sets out to fight the corruption, restore the Captain to his rightful place and save Icon City in a novel reviewers describe as “a fun fast paced story designed to make you “smile, swoon, laugh, and leave your mind=blown.”

Hero High is out of my normal genre, and it took me a couple chapters to get into the book, but the writing and flow of the story sucked me in.
Joan - Goodreads reviewer.

This is a novel that starts off strong and doesn’t let up until the very end.

If you are looking for a novel that is non-stop action and moving, you will definitely love this. There was never any down time when reading this and it made it really hard to take breaks while reading.

Imagery was very masterfully used to make sure the reader felt like they were a part of the novel.

Gonzales - Goodreads Author

For a fantasy tale, this was a medium sized book and it was a very fast paced read in addition to it. So it literally took only half a day to finish the story. And it kept me wanting to continue. It was fun and addictive. There wasn’t any time to have my mind wandering. From the get go, there was lots of things happening at once. It was a full ride.

The writing style was simple and the narration was easy to follow. The imagery had me immersed in the realm introduced by the author. The characters were rich and well portrayed. The smooth flow of the tale kept me stable even through the surprising twists and turns taken in the story.

I can say that the author has done a commendable job of writing a fantastic setting and a adventure rich story for fantasy lovers.

Leigh - Goodreads Author

This is an Author who knocked my socks off! When reading a new author for the first time I am always skeptical, but Mina Chara has really managed to meld my favorite aspects of a book. I highly recommend this one to any Young Adult junkies like me!

It is a Young Adult Novel and themes of this book are quite advanced and unique for this genre.

I think that overall this is a very interesting concept and the execution of both the plot and the compelling characters were very well done. Fast Paced and Fun fueled.

Ember - Goodreads Reviewer

Hero High: The Art Book

Hero High Art Book

The Hero High Art Book is designed as an ‘add on’ to Hero High and features original artwork by Mina Chara along with plans of the Super Structure and sort biographical notes on the main characters.


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