The World of K.I.A.



A thriller

Teenage Hildegarde Pine goes in search of the truth about her birth and uncovers a sinister conspiracy in this action packed YA thriller reviewers say “lures the reader in immediately and doesn’t let up.” A ‘fascinating heroine” and “outstanding writing’ mean “I could not put it down.”

“This first-rate YA thriller follows lead character Hildegard and her unlikely comrades — Grace and David — from their survival-of-the-fittest beginning at the isolated Alaskan military school to discovery of a startling secret.”

The Indie Reviewer

“Clever characterizations and outstanding writing  elevate this Young Adult novel far above other stories in its genre … At well over three hundred pages, the book nevertheless holds a reader’s rapt attention from mysterious beginning to climactic finish. KIA is a storytelling triumph by standout writer Charalambides. We’ll be on the lookout for more adventure-packed, character-driven work by this accomplished British author.”

Publishers Daily Reviews

a fascinating read that moves fast and features acerbic, clever repartee”

The Essential Writer

Teenage Hildegarde Pine is a girl with a secret; she’s off her meds. No longer confined by her wheelchair or crutches, Hildegarde plans a whole new life away from doctors, drugs and foster homes, but first she must find Cooper, the mysterious social worker who’s been with her from the beginning. Truman, a military academy in Alaska looks like it might hold some answers.

Can Hildegarde find the information she’s looking for? As events unfold in an unexpected direction she must choose between her mission, her life and something much more important.
From the Inside Flap

K.I.A. – The Special Edition.

K.I.A. Special Edition

The special edition of K.I.A. is published in glossy red hardback and is ONLY available through our reader community where you may win it in one of our regular competitions. With more  content than either the Kindle or Paperback editions, this edition has more than serious good looks and is NOT available in stores.


An even newer edition of K.I.A. containing several short stories.